Where is Sharp Holding’s corporate office located?

The corporate office for Sharp Holding, Inc. can be located at  P.O.BOX 3440 OAKTON, VA 22124.

How can I get in touch with Sharp Holding?

Give us a call at 540-659-IHOP.

How many restaurants does Sharp Holding operate?

Sharp Holding, Inc. currently operates 14 IHOP franchises, with a 15th opening soon.

Where are Sharp Holding’s IHOP restaurants located?

Sharp IHOPs can be found in 5 different states, including Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Kentucky. Our 15th and 16th locations will be opening soon in West Virginia (our 8th restaurant in the state) and Ohio. You can locate your nearest Sharp IHOP franchise here.

What are Sharp’s IHOP restaurants’ hours of operation?

Our hours of operation can vary from restaurant to restaurant. However many of our locations are open 24 hours a day.

When and where was IHOP Founded?

IHOP was founded as The International House of Pancakes in 1958. The first location was in Toluca Lake, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles. The short form “IHOP” was invented for an ad campaign in 1973 and became so popular that the company began using it as its official name in 1994.

Do you serve healthy menu options?

Sharp Holding and IHOP are both committed to providing our diners with a full range of healthy menu items. Some of our healthier items include traditional, low-calorie breakfasts, egg white omelettes, and whole wheat French toast.

What animal welfare standards does Sharp Holding have in place?

Sharp Holding values animal welfare and takes every measure to ensure it is upheld. As such, we require our suppliers to have an animal welfare program meeting or exceeding the standards set forth by industry leaders such as: the American Meat Institute, the National Chicken Council, and the National Pork Board.

Does Sharp Holding franchise?

Sharp Holding, Inc. does not currently offer franchise opportunities.