Mission Statement

Mission Statement

At Sharp Holding, we’re committed to being the best IHOP franchisees possible. How do we do it? It all comes down to our three primary commitments: to our patrons, to our team members, and  to the standards we use when choosing our suppliers.


Sharp Holding is dedicated to serving our patrons the best breakfast – and the best breakfast experience – they could possibly ask for. We want “Sharp Holding” to be synonymous with “excellence” in every community we serve. As such, we are committed to great food,  friendly service, and giving every guest a reason to smile.

Team Members

We believe in providing each and every member of our team with the opportunities, support, and training they need to succeed. We are committed to equal opportunity, fairness, and a respectful work environment. We know that Sharp could never reach its goals without our team’s dedication and effort, and so we do everything we can to encourage and reward the hard work and warm approach of our team members.


It is our mission to only use suppliers who produce and handle food with the highest standards in quality, ethics, and safety. When you eat at a Sharp IHOP restaurant, you can rest assured that your meal has been sourced and prepared to the highest of standards.